History of Executive Movements


Unlock the past for investment opportunities or conduct academic research!



This data set lists all the executive movements that have happened day by day over the last five years at companies making over $100 million in annual revenue.

For each executive movement, we provide the record date, the movement effective date, the executive position that has been modified, and the company (or subsidiary) in which the move has occurred.

For any given company, this data provides 10 to 50 times more executive movements than usually available.

The data set can be carved out by country, industry or stock indexes (e.g., Russell 3000, S&P 500, Fortune 500 or unicorns).



Listed companies must report the names of their key officers and are keen to highlight some of their new hires. Yet over 90% of the key executive moves happen quietly. These are the events that we have recorded over five years.

Thousands executive movements have been recorded daily in our organizational charts including the addition of incoming executives, removing quitting executives or updating executives taking new positions.

Executive movements are verifiable events and are thus dependable data points. Executive movements are also proxies, time stamping the challenges/successes crossed by each company.

When a VP of Transformation is nominated, when a VP of Manufacturing abruptly leaves after only nine months in the position, when a VP of Growth is hired at a competitor, it is not too hard to guess the execution headwinds the company was facing.

Feeding data-hungry algorithms (such as interpretable clustering) with your historical data (such as your won/lost deals) enriched by the historical executive movements will let you build solid predictions and unveil new opportunities.


Data Structure

The data are once delivered in CSV/Excel and then can be updated on demand.

For each executive movement, the data are highly structured to make the data's integration easy. The following are the core fields that we provide for each Executive movement:

The company name complemented with the company industry, country, website, phone, organizational chart URL, mother name and stock ticker symbol;

The executive business title along with the executive department and reporting level; and

The date of the movement record, the movement type (joining, quitting, or being promoted) complemented with the new business title, the new executive department and the effective date of the event (e.g., on Sept. 30).



For internal usage, the price for the above data fields ranges between $10k and $50k depending on the number of requested companies.


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