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The Official Board is a global data boutique providing detailed corporate organizational charts and executive movement alerts in structured formats.

On our web site, you can view the real time organizational charts of the 80,000 companies making over $100M in annual revenue. You also can schedule executive movement alerts.

Personalized data feed also can be received daily or weekly into your corporate data lake to feed your data-hungry algorithms or to refresh your CRM.

The content is constantly updated with 700,000 reliable public corporate information sources and verified with the company executives.

Why should I care?

Company organizational charts reflect company strategy. If not, why would a company invest in hiring a VP Growth, VP Data or VP Recruiting?

Executive movements reveal in real time how a company executes within its market. Some of these moves raise important questions, the answers of which are sometimes self-evident. Why, for instance, would a digital officer be replaced after only nine months?

Whether you are an applicant, a customer, an investor, a researcher or a vendor. Organizational charts provide unmatchable insights about your preferred companies.

How are you unique?

Many financial data feeds such as Bloomberg, FactSet or D&B provide details on an organizations’ top corporate officers. LinkedIn, in turn, focuses mostly on middle management roles.

Beyond the CEO, the board members and a few key officers, we display the N-1 to the CEOs and the N-2 to the CEOs, providing a real-time understanding of a company priorities and personnel strategies.

Beyond the mother company, we also follow key subsidiaries in the United States and abroad, providing insider insights about the company day-to-day execution challenges by region and by product.

We cover not only publicly-traded companies but also private companies whether they are unicorns, Fortune 500 private companies or government-owned companies.

Can't I find the data by myself?

Yes, you can. Then you need to collect and verify the data. Such an undertaking is an extraordinary time investment—and, yet, this is the easy part.

The greater challenge is to maintain current data. Out of 100 executives, statistics reveal, 35 will assume another business title within only 12 months. Organizational charts are ever-moving jigsaws. No one catches the real-time picture.

But we solve it for you. We combine our 24/7 advanced algorithms with our highly trained analyst insights and the market knowledge of our 600,000+ active members.

If anything seems missing, just click. Each organizational chart has an instant message link to our analyst team. Our industry analysts will email you when the adjustments are ready in the organizational chart (likely within 24/48 hours).

Did we mention that each executive move is verified by email with each executive and that you can try out our data for free?

What are the services that you do not provide? Where can I find them?

We never provide the email addresses of executives to maintain their privacy (as we do for your email). Some data providers sell email address lists. Please do not insist. We just do not.

We do not cover N-3 and below in out organizational charts. Why? To be comprehensive and reliable, different tools and larger budgets would be needed to accomplish this.

Specialized phone companies and LinkedIn are good solutions. We are dedicated on the corporate top executives: Board/CEO, N-1 and N-2 to the CEO for the mother companies and their main subsidiaries.

In large companies, it frequently represents 1,000 or 2,000+ decision-makers.

We never post rumors and never include any unconfirmed information. We post reliable, verified, public information that you can trust.

How can I help?

Receiving your feedback at [email protected] on how we can help and improve our service is of tremendous help for us. We do our best to answer inquiries within 24 hours.



Company Information


Alta Data SAS
25 avenue du Centre
92210 Saint-Cloud, France 

Web Master Thomas Lot
Contact [email protected]

140 Quai du Sartel
59100 Roubaix, France 

Commercial Register ID: 504 670 282 RCS Nanterre
VAT ID: FR35504670282
CNIL Registration:  1343836


 Founding Team


Thomas Lot

CEO. Su experiencia de 15 años dirigiendo empresas como Apple France, Amazon Europe o Chronopost International le ha convencido de la importancia que tiene, para el personal directivo, tener contactos a todos los niveles.


Oleg Sidko

CTO. Desarrolla componentes tecnológicos con su empresa iRessources. Oleg tiene más de 10 años de experiencia en Internet como Jefe de Proyecto en Spectec (San Petersburgo, Rusia) y como Director Técnico de Tekora (París, Francia).


Thierry Charbonnel

Designer. Nos brinda su experiencia marketing, gráfica y ergonómica. Después de varios años en agencias de publicidad, crea en 1994 “Autre Planète”, primer estudio de creación dedicado a Internet basado en Francia.


Numerosos expertos y amigos también nos han ayudado mucho en la creación de este sitio.

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